MADE TO ORDER – Canine Fursuit Head, Headbase, Fox, Wolf, Dog, Puppy, Husky

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This listing is for a made to order expanding foam head base, great for making your own fursuit or costume head. Perfect for a number of happy canine species! Add your own ears, eyes, and cheek fluff (not included) to bring your character to life!

Want to create your own fursuit head? Here is the easiest way to start! Simply hollow out the head-base using a large Xacto knife, razor blade, or an electric knife. This base can fit anywhere from a 21-25″ head easily, depending on how much you carve it out.

Simply carve, attach to a balaklava, and you are on your way to bringing your fursona to life!

This is a made to order item. The item pictured is not the one you will receive. Due to the nature of expanding foam, not all headbases look identical. Yours may come with small pores on the surface, or some thin skin that peels away. Foam also naturally yellows over time. All of these are common occurrences, and will not affect the head base when it is furred. You are guaranteed a non mis-cast* base with this listing.

*Mis-casts include air pockets, misaligned casts, too soft, too hard, and extra large surface pores.

****The final photo are some examples of heads I have personally finished using this head base! THESE ARE NOT FOR SALE!***


Made with Smooth-On Flex it Foam III, these headbases are non-toxic once cured. They are aired out for a week in our studio before shipping, so please allow up to two weeks for processing.


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