Fursuit Dog Tags – Resin/3D Print

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Want to add some extra flair to your fursuit? These dog tags are 3D printed and come in an array of colors and finishes, then filled with resin for a huge variety of options! They measure approx 4″, variations in style mean slightly different sizes! Every dog tag comes with a keyring to easily attach to collars, zippers, and more. (NOTE: Each item is made to order. Please read through options before placing your order! Make note of style of dog-tag, color choices, name you wish printed on tag. Takes 2-5 days to process! Rainy weather can interfere with this process as well, and cause delays)

Our 3D prints come in five color options. This will be the exterior color of the tag, as well as the color the name will appear:
White, Black, Silver, Purple, Brown

There are five options for shape: Bone, Circle, Heart, Pawprint, Star (last photo, though those are not Resin filled)

Note: Resin is colored using acrylic paint. As a result, MOST colors can be obtained! Glitter can also be added at no extra cost, just ask!


Single Resin Color – $20.00
Blank tag with colorful resin fill!

Resin Swirl – $25.00
Blank tag with two colors swirled!

Engraved Name – $25.00
Tag with an engraved name, resin filled single color.

Swirl Engraved – $30.00
Tag with engraved name, with a resin swirl surrounding.

Each item is custom made to order. Note color(s) of resin as desired, as well as name you wish printed. If you have a reference for the color(s), let me know!


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